Cork-Sand Resort

Concept design for a touristic resort located in Comporta, designed under the concept of "Living with nature instead of at nature".

The project includes a central building with the common areas (reception, restaurant, spa, indoor swimming pool), outdoor spaces, 14 independent suites and two houses with 3 bedrooms.

The dominant materials are rammed weath in the exterior walls, and responsible-source timber in the pavements, columns and frames.  The goals is that at least 60% of all consumed energy and water comes from renweable sources.




Meta.atelier develops Architecture projects in all  suitable phases: concept, preliminary project, building permit, detailed design and construction supervision. It's team counts with a wide experience in different project scales and types, such as single-family houses, building refurbishment, office spaces and collective dwellings. 

The diversity of meta.atelier team members translates in high capacity to adapt to different contexts and a constant search of innovative solutions. Whilst, finding the balance between the project goals and demands with a respect for the place and for the environment is a keystone for meta.atelier process.

To ensure the quality of the project, on-time delivery and budget control, all the work is coordinated by meta.atelier in a close relation between the client, engineering team and the builder.

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Meta.atelier is an emerging practice based in Lisbon focused on Architecture, Bioclimatic Design and Environmental Certifications, with collaborators all over the world. It was established to face the new demands of a market in constant change, where geographic limits are diluted and where new uses of the space and of the emerging technologies is pursued

To balance the project's goals and constrains with respect for place and for the environment is essential Therefore, since the start of the project, meta.atelier strives to optimize the buildings performance and to minimize it's environmental impact. To ensure the project's quality, budget control and on-time delivery all process is coordinated by meta.atelier in a close connection between all parties - the client, engineering team and the builder. 

The founder Inês Marques graduated in Architecture in the University of Porto, with one year of the master carried out in Politecnico di Milano. After graduating, she carried the internship for admission to the Portuguese Architects Association in Saraiva+Associados where she kept working for three more years. In 2016, Inês joined S+A Green Lab as a consultant in bioclimatic design and environmental certification systems. Thereunder, she completed at Bre Academy in Watford the course and exam to qualify for BREEAM AP, and other training such as Passive Design Project and Autodesk Revit Architecture. In 2018, she created meta.atelier based on the ideals of a more sustainable, social aware and boundless architecture designed for tomorrow.




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